Can I modify the default TCP/IP port to specified one? How?

Applies to: ZWCAD, ZWCAD+, ZWCAD Classic, ZWCAD Architecture and Mechanical

1) Yes, you can fix the port to avoid conflicts if you have many products licensed by FLEXNET;

2) Find the LicenseFile.lic in the NLM(Network License Manager) installation directory (for example: C:\Program Files(x86)\ZWSoft\ZWCAD+ 2014 Network License Manager ENU).

3) Open and edit it on the following line, please be noted that the first line is set TCP port for lmgrd.exe, by default it is set to 27000. The second line is set the TCP port for zwflex.exe, it will be allocated randomly if it is not set here, for example, if we set it as 2000.

By default:


VENDOR zwflex OPTIONS=zwflex.opt


After modification:

SERVER this_host JEBKUR 27001

VENDOR zwflex OPTIONS=zwflex.opt 2000


Above is just an example, you can set the port among 27000~27007 for the first line, and any available port for the 2nd line, you can check the port that assigned to ZWCAD from the log when you start the service, then use that port directly.

Note: To make the modification on Lic file take effect, you need to reread license file in LMTools.