CADPROFI license transfer

CADPROFI license transfer Transfer the license before “destroying” the old computer Darbu secība: 1. Aizveriet visas programas. 2. Lejupielādējiet jaunāko instalācijas failu (jaunajā datorā). Šeit var ievadīt CADPROFI licenci un lejuplādēt atbilstošo versiju. 3. Instalējiet CADPROFI jaunā datorā. 4. Noņemiet licenci no iepriekšēja datora. Lai to izdarītu, atveriet aktivizēšanas un reģistrācijas dialoglodziņu, kas ir pieejams […]

Temporary replacement of Windows settings when installing ZWCAD

Changing Windows settings in case the ZWCAD program cannot be fully installed The given settings should be changed only for the moment of installation, after which it can be returned to the previous state. The given instruction is valid for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 versions 1) Close all programs; 2) Press the Windows […]

ZWCAD network license works with remote desktop breaks

The ZWCAD network license is unlocked when using remote desktop In cases where the ZWCAD license is used using Remote Desktop, there are possible interruptions in connection with the ZWCAD license server. The cause of the problem is usually in 2 cases: 1) There is no stable internet connection between the ZWCAD user computer and […]

ZWCAD tīkla licences apraksts

Description of ZWCAD NET (Network License). Description NET, ID for the license NET license is activated with an ID symbol code key that activates the ZWCAD license program. The given key has no physical details. User may transfer this key/code from computer to computer without restriction. To activate the ZWCAD program on your computer, you […]

Projecting 3D elements onto a 2D plane

Moving DWG objects from 3D to 2D plane In cases where objects with a Z value (or a value in the 3 plane) have been accidentally copied into a 2D DWG drawing, this error must be corrected before starting work. To fix this, follow the instructions below: 1) Open the ZWCAD program and only the […]

Manual deletion of ZWCAD license

Manual deletion of ZWCAD license Use the given instruction only in cases where the ZWCAD license is “stuck”! The given instruction is applicable to ZWCAD licenses with an electronic key (Software-key ID’s). The electronic activation key consists of 24 symbols. Sequence of work: 1. Close all programs 2. Open the file manager (File manager) 3. […]

ZWCAD auto save

ZWCAD auto save The ZWCAD program creates automatic file copies only when the file is saved to the computer’s hard disk by pressing the SAVE button. In cases where the program has closed with an error message, it is possible to recover backup copies of the files The program creates 2 backup copies. 1. A […]

ZWCAD UCS View Rendering

Displaying the ZWCAD UCS view after their changes In cases where it is necessary for ZWCAD to display the current UCS system on the screen Sequence of work: 1. Close ZWCAD 2. Type the UCSMAN command 3. Check the setting given below.

ZWCAD Standard and Professional

What is the difference between ZWCAD Standard and Professional versions? ZWCAD Standart DWG / DXF support 2D designing, file processing Support 32 BIT un 64 BIT Print and Export PDF ZWCAD Professional DWG / DXF support 2D/3D design, file processing Support 32 BIT and 64 BIT Print and Export PDF Express functions Mline funkction Import […]