ZWCAD NET / Network License Activation Ports

ZWCAD 2024 NET / Network License Activation, ports ZWCAD Network server need open ports for activation and to work in “tunel” activation. There are 2 groups with ports ZWCAD license server  FlexNet Service 1. ZWCAD License server ZWCAD License Server Ports: The specific ports used by the ZWCAD License Server may vary depending on your […]

Temporary replacement of Windows settings when installing ZWCAD

Changing Windows settings in case the ZWCAD program cannot be fully installed The given settings should be changed only for the moment of installation, after which it can be returned to the previous state. The given instruction is valid for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 versions 1) Close all programs; 2) Press the Windows […]

ZWCAD tīkla licences apraksts

Description of ZWCAD NET (Network License). Description NET, ID for the license NET license is activated with an ID symbol code key that activates the ZWCAD license program. The given key has no physical details. User may transfer this key/code from computer to computer without restriction. To activate the ZWCAD program on your computer, you […]

Manual deletion of ZWCAD license

Manual deletion of ZWCAD license Use the given instruction only in cases where the ZWCAD license is “stuck”! The given instruction is applicable to ZWCAD licenses with an electronic key (Software-key ID’s). The electronic activation key consists of 24 symbols. Sequence of work: 1. Close all programs 2. Open the file manager (File manager) 3. […]

Can I modify the default TCP/IP port to specified one? How?

Can I modify the default TCP/IP port to specified one? How? Applies to: ZWCAD, ZWCAD+, ZWCAD Classic, ZWCAD Architecture and Mechanical 1) Yes, you can fix the port to avoid conflicts if you have many products licensed by FLEXNET; 2) Find the LicenseFile.lic in the NLM(Network License Manager) installation directory (for example: C:Program Files(x86)ZWSoftZWCAD+ 2014 […]