Cype StruBIM Steel

StruBIM Steel is a program developed for the creation and maintenance of BIM models for structural steel detailing. This program allows users to create a precise BIM model that includes the necessary elements (sections, plates, bolts, butt welds and anchorage) to define the structure. For the results output the program provides shop drawings in DSTV format.


StruBIM Steel is a program for carrying out structural steel detailing. This program includes different tools for modelling or importing a BIM model and allows users to accurately define all the elements required for the detailing, such as sections, plates, bolts, welds and anchors. As a result, the application provides manufacturing files in DSTV format.

Workflows supported by the program

As StruBIM Steel is an Open BIM tool and connected to the platform, it offers different workflow options.

  • Modelling steel structures directly in StruBIM Steel
  • Importing a steel structure designed in CYPE 3D
  • Importing a steel structure designed in CYPECAD
  • Importing models of steel structure in IFC format with IFC Uploader
  • Importing structures developed in other tools via the StruBIM Uploader
stribum steel

Working environment

The StruBIM Steel working environment is similar to other CYPE modelling tools and features a system of dockable windows that can be customised to adapt the workspace to the project’s needs.

At the top left of the screen, there are two separate tabs: “Model” and “Documents”.

The modelling area is located on the right-hand side of the start screen and is where all elements of the project are entered, edited and visualised in 3D

The main toolbar contains different features depending on the “Model” or “Documents” tab. You can create project libraries, enter or edit elements, measure model elements, analyse connections, and also number and manage sheets.

The left-hand side contains the main tools for defining the project views, managing the view of the elements read, the tags and the elements themselves.

cype Working environment