For ARCHLine.XP 2023-2024 and later editions, limited-time OFFLINE mode is possible using the software license. This allows the user to continue their work when no internet connection is available.
What is the difference in using the OFFLINE mode between the 2023 and 2024 versions?

The OFFLINE MODE must be a “planned event” for a user, not an afterthought, meaning that you need to prepare for it in advance. If you suddenly find yourself without internet, it’s too late to go offline.

OFFLINE MODE does not have to be a “planned event” for the user, unlike the previous versions, there is no need to prepare for it in advance. When OFFLINE MODE is active you will be reminded periodically with a message that the maximum time you can go offline is 24 hours.

How can you recognize which mode the software is in? The frame and the background color of the clock changes in front of the number of remaining days in the upper right corner.

Green with black frame: online mode, the license is valid

Green with white frame: online mode but the license has expired

Green with red frame: online mode, but the license is running on another computer

Yellow with black frame: offline mode, the license is valid

Yellow with white frame: offline mode but the license has expired

Purple: Failed to connect to the server

Switch between working offline and working online

A live Internet connection is required to switch to the planned OFFLINE mode.

Click Offline Mode.

Click the day in the calendar to select the desired time period ( max. 15 days), then click Start Offline Mode.

In OFFLINE mode, you get a maximum 15 days timeframe, counted on from the time you go to offline mode.

After restarting the software, the clock appears in the upper right corner with a yellow background and next to it the number of days remaining.


1. If the computer is not connected to Internet after the expiration of the time frame, the software cannot be started again.

2. If the computer is connected to the Internet again after the OFFLINE mode timeframe has expired, the software will automatically switch back to online mode.

3. Before the OFFLINE time frame expires, if there is an Internet connection again, the software must be switched back to online mode manually with the same command. Click Offline Mode.

Click the red button – Return to Online mode. The program then restarts.

4. If the computer remains in OFFLINE mode after the expiration of the allowed timeframe, it can only be switched back to online mode from the same computer. If this computer is not available for any reason, the license can be switched back to online mode only after personal login on the website on the account page.