Windows Defense-NLM starts successfully on the server, but the workstation still can't get a floating license Windows Firewall?

A problem:
The NLM server starts successfully, but when I open ZWCAD on any workstation and try to get a floating license, it shows that the license has not been acquired, and when I check the status on the server, I see that there is no license. Has been discharged.

This issue may be related to a license management application that needs to use a port that was blocked by windows firewall (windows protector on win10).

1. Please open Windows Security (search for Windows Security or Virus & Threats in the Windows search bar) and switch to “Firewall and Network Protection”

2. Click “Allow app through firewall”

3. Change settings and then “Allow another app…”

4. Then please browse to the NLM installation folder and select “zwflex.exe” and “lmgrd.exe” to add to the trust list.

5. Please try again to see if other workstations can get the floating license. It should be fine now.