Creating 2D layout of 3D tube

This tutorial can be use in metal workshops for preparing 2D layout from 3D objects

Open ZW3D program and create new file or import part from Solidworks or IGES, STEP files

1. Create part or import – 3D tube;

2. To make 2D layout user need show where is connection place on object.

Object has to be open. It is enough if there is gap 0.5 mm. If there is no opening, then create as it is shown in example.

Suggestion: to create parts which need to unfolded -> use Sheet Metal commands as much as possible.

In this example is shown situation when element is already made with standard ZW3D functions (or imported)

3. Create gap using extrude tool

> create Sketch;

> use Extrude all along pipe (Boolean -> Remove)


4. Mark bend faces with function Mark Bend and press OK

> Stationery face on sheet thickness;

> Bend face – inside of tube;


5. Use function Unfold to see result for 2D layout.


Here is video with more ideas about Sheet Metal