ZWCAD auto save

The ZWCAD program creates automatic file copies only when the file is saved to the computer's hard disk by pressing the SAVE button.

In cases where the program has closed with an error message, it is possible to recover backup copies of the files

The program creates 2 backup copies.

1. A file with the extension .BAK, which is saved next to the original DWG or DXF file.

This backup copy is created only in cases where the file is physically saved on the hard disk and is located in the User’s folders.

Files located in system folders, such as Temporay files, etc. NOT SAVED!! This situation can occur if, for example, the file is opened from an e-mail browser and is not saved on the computer’s hard drive in the Users folder or folders.

This setting can be turned on or off according to User Settings.


Backup 2 is the temporary backup located in the temporary storage folder. Files are saved with the extension DWG and zw$.

This copy is created if you have a DWG or DXF file saved on your computer’s hard drive.

Temporary copies are available on each computer in their own folder. Below is the setting that can be seen on the specific computer.

Note: Temporary backups can be opened by manually changing the file extension .zw$ to .DWG. Copy the file to the desktop or to the My documents folder before opening it.