ZWCAD 2024 NET / Network License Activation, ports

ZWCAD Network server need open ports for activation and to work in “tunel” activation.

There are 2 groups with ports

  1. ZWCAD license server 
  2. FlexNet Service

1. ZWCAD License server

ZWCAD License Server Ports:

The specific ports used by the ZWCAD License Server may vary depending on your configuration, but commonly used ports include:

  • TCP port 2080 & 8888(for ZWCAD License Manager)
  • TCP port 27000 (for ZWCAD License Server)

2. FlexNet Services

FlexNet Service Ports:

FlexNet uses a range of ports for communication. While the exact ports may vary, commonly used ports include:

  • TCP port 27000 (for the lmadmin FlexNet License Server)
  • TCP port range 49152-65535 (for the lmgrd service, which manages license requests and responses)

> Original technical article about ZWCAD License server

> To find what ports are used in FlexNet services, open settings on FlexNet, by following these steps

  1. The port for Flexnet can be found under LMTools of server side. Open Config Services and click on “View Log…”

2. ​In log we can find 2 different ports, the second ZWFLEX port is the ports for flexnet (the screenshot is as sample, it is might not the corresponding port code):