The ZWCAD network license is unlocked when using remote desktop

In cases where the ZWCAD license is used using Remote Desktop, there are possible interruptions in connection with the ZWCAD license server.

The cause of the problem is usually in 2 cases:

1) There is no stable internet connection between the ZWCAD user computer and the ZWCAD license server.


This can be solved if the User uses the Borrow function of the ZWCAD license when ordering work.

This means taking a license on your computer for a certain period of time. Borrowing period from 1 day to 180 days.

2) FLEXNet service closes other ports on the license server that issue licenses to Users after the connection is broken


To solve this problem, you need to make an entry in the ZWCAD license configuration file – Licensefile.lic

You can find the license file by going to LMTOOLS -> Config Services -> Browse

Additional entries must be made in the given file. Entries marked in italics.

server this_host any 27000

vendor zwflex options=zwflex.opt 4567


After making the entries, stop the ZWCAD license server and restart it.

Note: ZWCAD programs must be closed on the User’s computers.