Description of ZWCAD NET (Network License).

Description NET, ID for the license

NET license is activated with an ID symbol code key that activates the ZWCAD license program. The given key has no physical details. User may transfer this key/code from computer to computer without restriction. To activate the ZWCAD program on your computer, you need to enter a numeric code (you only need to enter the code once).

If the ID code key is lost, e.g. the computer’s hard drive crashes, in that case please write to with a request to renew the license. ID code renewal is FREE.

The ZWCAD NET license server program is installed on a server or computer located in the office in the local network and is “visible” to other computers.

To connect to the ZWCAD program of the local ZWAD license server, the User must be connected to the local computer network using a network cable or a wireless network.

Internet connection for the NET (network version) license is only required at the time of activation and deactivation of the ZWCAD license.

Internet connection during ZWCAD program operation is not mandatory!

Connection to ZWCAD license server software is mandatory!

The ZWCAD license server program can be installed on the User’s computer and used both as a ZWCAD license server program and simultaneously with the ZWCAD User.

The ZWCAD License server computer must be switched on before starting the ZWCAD program in order to ensure the functionality of the ZWCAD License server – extract the ZWCAD User license.


> ZWCAD license program – software that dynamically distributes or collects ZWCAD licenses.

> ZWCAD User software – ZWCAD program with the help of which you can work in DWG files.

Example in office operation No. 1 for NET licenses

The office has a total of 4 computers with ZWCAD software.

3 users use ZWCAD locally in the office.

1 user must work both remotely (using remote desktop) and in person.


3 users can use both a stand-alone license, which is activated locally on each computer, and a network license, located on the ZWCAD license server.

1 user can only use the network license. In this case, the User can work on the computer, both remotely and locally.

When working locally, Internet connection is not mandatory, connection to the local network where the ZWCAD license server is located is mandatory.