Missing mfc110.dll file

Missing mfc110.dll file In case if error about mfc110.dll missing do following Close ZWCAD Find folder, where ZWCAD is installed, usually C:Program FilesZWSOFTZWCAD 2023 Find file, name: mati2004.zrx Delete this file Find file, name: mati2004.zrx~~njs Rename this file to: mati2004.zrx Launch ZWCAD 

Apsaugos raktų tvarkyklės

Error missing dongle driver In case if your computer missing dongle driver, please download it from official VĮ REGISTRŲ CENTRAS web page. Apsaugos raktų tvarkyklės: https://downloads.registrucentras.lt/mati/dist/Sentinel/Sentinel_Protection_Installer_7.6.9.zip After download finished, please install it on your computer.  


Matininkas installation Links and instruction how to install Mateninkas on ZWCAD 1. Download „ZWCAD for Mateninkas”, press here >>> 2. Install ZWCAD 3. Activate „ZWCAD for Mateninkas” 4. Download Matenikas from VĮ REGISTRŲ CENTRAS website, press here >>>  5. Install Mateninkas Note:  in case if you can not install Mateninkas software please contact to VĮ […]